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Visual Artist, Designer, Educator

visual artist - designer - educator
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As a visual artist I make tactile installations
As a designer I search basic and simple solutions
As an educator I create situations in which the children can explore form, color and fantasy


My visual work consists of installations using tactile materials such as paper, fabric and found (natural) objects. Touch is important; by facilitating interaction between materials, people, and natural influences such as a touch of wind or sunlight, I explore how to create a stage for movement. I look to activate a sensory perception of movement to comprehend how movement causes change. By having people interact with the work I explore the duality of people behaving both as objects that move and subjects who reflect on their own actions.



2010 Bachelor of Design, TXT department, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, Winner of the Rietveld Thesis Prize 2010

2008 Cooper Union School, New York, Exchange Program



Creative workshops


– 2016 – ongoing teaching painting and drawing for primary and secondary schools at the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

– 2018 – ongoing teaching art to children at Ateliers Westerdok, Amsterdam

– 2018 – ongoing teaching letter printing to children at Grafisch Werkplaats Amsterdam

– 2017 teaching and organizing building workshops for children at city garden Ubuntu, Amsterdam

– 2014 - 2016 creating shadow plays with and for children, Open ACTA, Amsterdam

– 2012 organizing the DIY workshops, Op de Valreep, Amsterdam



2012  Tsarino Foundation AiR, Bulgaria


Exhibitions / Events

2016 May Planet Sauna, Action 2025, Hamburg

a music and dance performance made with Terry Vreeburg and Leyla de Muynck        

2015 September Life As It Should Be, Melbourne Fringe Festival

a theatre performance made and performed by Any Kind Of Creature

2014 October Life As It Should Be, Cruquius Factory, Amsterdam

2014 September Life As It Should Be, Antwerp Fringe Festival

2014 Rotterdam High Tek, Codarts, Rotterdam

a light show made in collaboration with musician Eva Hoogland

2014 February At The Arrival Of Bloom, Frisse Moed Festival, Amsterdam

a theatre performance made and performed by Any Kind Of Creature

2013 May Classical Music Rave, Kromhouthal, Amsterdam

a dance night with only classical music, with concerts and dj's, the concept made and organized the event together with Floris Kortie, René Thie, Brendan Walsch

2013 February Confuse, Fuse ensemle, Club 8, Amsterdam

a shadow play made and performed live during the concert of Fuse ensemble

2012 November All that is solid melts into air, Boterhal, Hoorn

group exhibition with Ralf Westerhof and Daniel de Roo

2012 October Archipelago, Oostzee, Amsterdam

a group exhibition initiated by Joseph Gower

2012 September Open Studio, Tsarino Foundation AiR, Tsarino, Bulgaria

2011 April Booking Together, Outpost, Amsterdam

group work initiated by Francios Dey

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